Top Things to do in Santorini - Part 3, Boat Tours and More

So, what else can I do in Santorini?

(Literally any!) Boat Tour

The boat tour that we specifically went on was one from Santorini Day Tours. I'll link it here - Santorini Caldera Cruise, but feel free to check out other boat tours as well. The price was slightly higher than the other boat tours, but I think it was well worth it (just check out the reviews!). Some other tours can be found here from this site - Viator. Many of the boat tours will offer the same thing but will differ in what they allow you to do.

They first picked us up from downtown Fira in an air-conditioned van that took us to the pier that the boat was located.

Walking around the pickup area in Fira

Another tour had recently finished, and they were in a great mood. We could tell the tour was going to be good.

The boat was a brand new deluxe catamaran that was recently purchased from France. Before we got on board, the crew asked us to leave our sandals/shoes, since the boat was so new. Once we arrived on board, the crew gave us a quick intro, some wine and Greek beer, and we were off into the sunlit glistening sea. The sea breeze blowing our faces as we lounged around on the boat, we enjoyed the views of passing clifftop houses, the caldera, and the Aegean Sea.

View from the boat

Passing by a clifftop church

Our first stop was the Red Beach. We couldn’t get too close to the shore, but the captain stopped the boat for us to swim out in the open ocean. Other boats were there, but we had plenty of space for our own private swim. The water was crystal clear and we could easily see the bottom of the ocean floor with the available snorkeling gear. The crew threw in some bread crumbs into the water and we were then swimming with some fish!

Red Beach

The Beach

The crew throwing some bread crumbs into the water

Our second stop was the White Beach and we were served a meal that the crew had freshly cooked up on the boat. After enjoying a delicious feast of spaghetti, grilled chicken and fish, greek salad, fresh bread and fruits, we enjoyed another leisurely swim out in the crystal clear waters.

Heading to the hot springs

We got back into the boat and headed to the hot springs besides Nea Kameni. The hot springs are warmed through the active volcanoes and are much warmer than the surrounding waters. As we got closer and closer to shore, the rocks on the bottom of the springs became sharper. So, instead of swimming all the way to shore, we decided to stay for a bit in the spring. One thing to note is that the water at the hot springs is “yellow” due to sulfite, which is supposed to be good for your skin.

Swimming out to the hot springs

After swimming back to the boat, we headed back to the port. Since we took the evening cruise, the captain stopped the boat for the beautiful Santorini sunset. We watched it slowly vanish past the horizon while lounging around on the deck of the boat.

The views though

Best seats in the house

Oia off in the distance

Once we reached the port, the crew returned our sandals/shoes and asked us to leave some good reviews on the website. Overall, it was a great way it was a great way to swim at multiple beaches, wade into an active volcano site, and watch the Santorini sunset. They also feed you generously and give you plenty of alcohol as well! Both my girlfriend and I thought this was the highlight of our time at Santorini, and we really enjoyed the tour.

Out of the must do things in Santorini, a boat tour is a must-do.


Atlantis Bookstore

If you like books, you’ll really like the Atlantis Bookstore. Located in the middle of Oia, across the street from a hipster clothes shopping area, it is an quirky, independent bookstore that has been rated as one of the top bookstores in the world. It’s been rated so highly for a reason - there are books for every audience and they even have first edition books that are signed! The bookstore looks like the home for a hobbit and has books on every spare part of the wall. They also have a terrace upstairs that has a very nice view.


And more…

Besides the above, there are tons of places to go shopping, eat, and drink. There are several bars that are highly recommended such as Casablanca, Kira Thira Jazz Bar, and etc. In regards to shopping, when we were walking around Fira, nearly on every street, there was some kind of shop. I think that you will also have no problem finding something to buy as well.