Top Things to do in Santorini - Part 1, Hike from Fira to Oia

What are some of the top things to do in Santorini?

There is plenty to do in Santorini, like...

Hike from Fira to Oia

My first recommendation would be to walk from Fira to Oia or Oia to Fira. This will take roughly 4 hours (depending on how many times you stop) and goes through the streets of Fira, Firostefani, Imergovigli, and reaches Oia. I know, it sounds like a really long time to walk, however, the walk is very doable and the views throughout the walk are incredible. Since this is quite a long walk and some parts of the walk are not shaded, I recommend starting very early in the morning or starting around late afternoon. When we walked, we made the mistake of starting around lunchtime and it was quite hot! I also recommend bringing plenty of water and a hat of some sort, if walking during the summer. 

Since our AirBnb was in Oia, we took a bus to Fira early in the morning. We then started the walk from our drop-off near Hotel Atlantis and continued through the streets of Fira.

As we were heading to the bus stop to go to Fira, this is the view we saw in Oia. Not bad eh?

We took a lot of pictures and shopped at some of the stores, and of course stopped for some Greek coffee. This delay in our route caused us to suffer some later in the walk due to the relentless sun, but it was nice to explore Fira before the crowds clogged the streets.

Obligatory photoshoot under some flowers.

Lots of paths to explore but not enough time!

Sneaky glimpse into one of the many hotels in Fira that overlook the caldera.

As we passed Fira and arrived at Firostefani, the view back to Fira was quite amazing. Even though it was getting hotter, we stopped by for a smoothie and had multiple water breaks in the shade.

Looking back at Fira.

Looking back at Fira from a little further up the hike.

As you can tell, it was hard to just keep going with this kind of view behind us.

As you can tell, it was hard to just keep going with this kind of view behind us.

Finally we passed Firostefani and reached Imergovigli. As we got into town limits, we saw the sweeping view of the caldera. Because we were both hot, we really wanted to jump into the clear blue waters below.

The hike goes all along this path with the view of the caldera on your left.

So. Much. Blue.

As we passed Imergovigli, the hike started going up a hill and we could see for miles around. Besides ourselves, there were many other groups of hikers going up the hill.

Going up the hill.

View from the hill.

If you feel like you might be lost by this point, make sure that you pass a church at the top of the hill. The church might not be open, but when we went by it, there was a fruit vendor at the side of the church, who was selling some refreshments.

Church on top of the hill

Once we passed the church, the path went on a descent. Since it wasn’t paved, it was semi-difficult to walk through. After chugging through the hike, at the bottom of the hill, we saw a hotel. After passing the hotel, we had to walk on the highway but shortly after we stopped at a refreshment stand.

Hotel at the bottom of the hill

The rest of the hike was pretty straightforward, and does go up a hill and back down. We reached Oia about 30 minutes later.

Santorini Dave has some great step by step instructions that I'll link here for the entire trip -  which definitely made navigating the hike easier. 

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